Photo 108Men and women take up fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park as a way to get away from their busy lives. Heading out into nature and spending time on a beautiful river can be relaxing and incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, many anglers make errors during their trips that can cost them fish and make their trips less rewarding. No angler wants to head home without a single fish!

To ensure that you are having the best time during your fly fishing trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, make sure that you are not committing these very common fly fishing mistakes!

  • Too much movement in the water. Fish will become spooked if there is too much movement or vibrations in their general vicinity.

  • Always replace worn out fishing line. You do not want to lose a fish because your monofilament snapped during the struggle.

  • Never begin fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park without the proper fly (and hook sizes) for the types of fish you are looking to catch.

  • Choosing flies randomly without knowing what fish they work best on.

  • Dead drifting a dry fly may not get you the bite that you are looking for. Try to mimic the natural movement of an insect with your dry fly.

  • Changing out flies too quickly. Give it time, fly fishing takes patience.

  • Not understanding proper line management.

Fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park should be a peaceful adventure. Take your time and learn exactly what it will take to hook the fish that you are after. For tips on flies, line management, and other tools of the trade, visit Kirk’s Fly Shop! We can help you get the most out of your next fly fishing trip!