Estes Park Fly Fishing Classes

Learning how to fly fish can be a challenge without the right help, Kirks Flyshop makes it easy to learn the basics of fly fishing in a fun, relaxing, and non-intimidating environment, in our own private setting.

Even our fly fishing for beginners classes have gorgeous views of the Big Thompson Canyon, and the Private section of water are teeming with fish! After two hours of rigging, knot tying, entomology and casting, you will have two more hours to put your fly fishing lessons into practice! After the initial 2 hours you will have time for a light lunch, then you will apply all you have learned to catch some trout with your new-found fly fishing comrades!

Where: Big Thompson Canyon - Hawk's Nest

When: Everyday 3 pm – 7 pm

Cost: $225/guest

What’s Included: All equipment, materials, instructors, and food.

Have a question about Estes Park fly fishing classes? Fill out our form below or call our Estes Park fly shop at (877) 669-1859.