Guided Colorado River Fly Fishing Float Trips

Fish and Float the Upper Colorado River For Trophy Trout

Colorado River Fly Fishing Trips

Experience a bucket list Colorado River fly fishing adventure with the guides at Kirks Flyshop where you will float and fish the upper river near Kremling. The upper Colorado hosts some of the finest fly fishing opportunity in the west with thousands of trout per river mile, diverse fish habitat, and stunning canyons. This Colorado River fly fishing float trip is truly a remarkable experience for any level of angler.

And for the extra-adventurous angler, inquire about our overnight trips where we make camp on the river for multiple action-packed days of fishing.

Our Colorado fly fishing guides know the river well and we have over 20+ years of experience fishing it. Book with the best guides on the Colorado River, reserve your guide at Kirks Flyshop.


All Gear Provided: Our guides provide rods, waders, flies, line, etc.


Multiple Trip Options: From full days to multi-day overnight trips.


All Anglers Welcome: From seasoned fishermen to brand new anglers


Guaranteed to Catch Fish: The Kirks Flyshop promise!

Choose Your Guided Colorado Fly Fishing Trip Option

Full Day Float Trip

Float and fish all day on the upper "C"

Starting at $650/day

Max # of Anglers: 2 per boat

Duration: 8 hours

Overnight Multi-Day Float Trip

Fish multiple days and camp on the river

Starting at $900/day

Max # of Anglers: 2 per boat

Duration: 2+ days

*All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under a special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Where We Fish on Colorado River Float Trips

Glenwood Canyon of the Colorado River in summer

Upper Colorado River Fly Fishing

On our Colorado River float trips, we typically fish around the upper Colorado River near Kremling as it has the best float fishing capabilities. In this section, expect to catch ample numbers of rainbow trout and brown trout with opportunity to catch a trophy trout.

Without a doubt, one of our favorite places to fish is Gore Canyon near Pumphouse, which is characterized by stunning red cliffs, exciting whitewater rapids, complex holding lays, and an arid pine forest landscape.

More Details on Float Trips

  • Full-day and overnight options available
  • All fly fishing gear provided — rods, waders, boots, flies, etc.
  • All food provided
  • Expert, friendly float fishing guides
  • Fun and safe for all ages and skill levels
  • All camping gear on overnight trips
  • Can accommodate large groups
  • Guaranteed to catch a fish!

What is not included:

  • Colorado fishing license (buy from our Colorado fly shop!)
  • $50 shuttle fee may apply. Ask for details.
  • Guide gratuity
a fly fisher holds a brown trout above water while fly fishing in Colorado

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About Fly Fishing the Colorado River

The Upper Colorado River corridor has a deep-rooted history, once inhabited by indigenous peoples who found sustenance and spiritual significance along its banks. Early Native American tribes regarded the river as a vital life source and a pathway for seasonal migrations.

During the westward expansion in the 19th century, the upper Colorado River became a lifeline for pioneers and explorers. The river's flowing waters guided the path of those seeking new opportunities and untamed landscapes. The remnants of old stagecoach routes and settlements along its shores speak to the challenges and triumphs of those who ventured into the unknown. In the late 1800s, the lure of gold and silver led prospectors to the Colorado mountains, and the upper Colorado River played a crucial role in facilitating transportation for mining activities. The riverbanks saw the comings and goings of prospectors, traders, and settlers, leaving behind a legacy etched into the fabric of the landscape.

Today, as you float and fly fish the upper Colorado River, you're surrounded by a living history, where each bend in the river holds echoes of a time when this waterway was a lifeline for survival and a conduit for exploration. A guided fly fishing float trip on the upper Colorado River not only promises exceptional angling for rainbow and brown trout, but also invites you to become part of a narrative shaped by the intersection of nature, culture, and the passage of time.