Outdoor Equipment and Fishing Rentals

Getting into fly fishing or outdoor sports can be expensive, and how do you know that you will like it after spending thousands of dollars? Well, Kirks Flyshop has the answer! We offer rentals that will make your Estes Park vacation into a very comfortable one! All of our fishing and overnight gear rentals are very high-quality and cost-effective.

See below for our list of available outdoor equipment and fishing rentals. These are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so make sure you plan ahead!

Fly Rod and Reel

reding_-rental $20/day

Reel Alone

reding_-rental-reel $5/day

Hip Waders

hodg_-hip-wader(1) $15/day

Simms Waders & Boots

Screenshot_1 $25/day

Simms Waders

simms_headwaterspant (1) $20/day

Wading Boots

Freestone_Wading_Boot_Felt $5/day

Float Tubes

Trinity $25/day

Spinning Rod & Reel

Screenshot_2 $15



Other Rentals

Bear Canister

Free w/ Any Purchase! or $3/night

Child Carrier


Winter Rentals

MSR or Atlas Snowshoes - Men, Women, Children






Plastic & Foam Sleds (1 - 2 Person)