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Winter Adventure Tours in Rocky Mountain National Park

Discover the beauty of guided snowshoeing in Estes Park through our Rocky Mountain National Park tours. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or new to the backcountry, our experienced Estes Park snowshoeing guides will lead you through breathtaking winter landscapes and iconic destinations in Rocky Mountain National Park.

With a range of Rocky Mountain National Park snowshoeing options available, from easy strolls to challenging backcountry treks to notorious alpine lakes, you can tailor your adventure to your preferred level of intensity and time. Book your Estes Park guided snowshoeing tour today and embark on a memorable journey through this extraordinary winter paradise.

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Explore a Winter Wonderland

Experience winter in Estes Park like never before! Each of our Estes Park snowshoeing trips feature a knowledgeable and friendly guide who will navigate you to iconic destinations like Dream Lake, Black Lake, and more in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's a perfect activity for seasoned adventurers and novices alike!

Guided Snowshoeing Trip Details

  • 3, 6, and 8-Hour trip options available
  • All snowshoeing gear provided — snowshoes, gaiters, etc.
  • Snack/lunch provided by your guide
  • Expert, friendly Rocky Mountain National Park tour guides
  • Fun and safe for all ages and skill levels
  • Large groups can be accommodated

What is not included:

  • Guide gratuity

Rate: From $135/person+

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 Estes Park Snowshoeing Trips Pricing

Trip Duration

1 Person

2 People

3 People

3 Hour Trip

$185 $270 $405

6 Hour Trip

$225 $330 $95

8 Hour Trip

$270 $340 $510

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About Guided Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

Nestled within the rugged embrace of the Rocky Mountains lies a winter wonderland awaiting your exploration: Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). Spanning over 415 square miles of pristine wilderness, RMNP transforms into a snowy paradise during the winter months, offering an enchanting playground for snowshoers.

As you venture into the park's snowy realm, you'll be greeted by a landscape draped in white, with towering peaks and frosted forests stretching as far as the eye can see. Each step you take on your snowshoes carries you deeper into this serene wilderness, where the only sounds are the crunch of snow beneath your feet and the occasional call of a distant bird.

RMNP's diverse terrain unfolds before you, from gentle meadows blanketed in powder to rugged ridgelines offering panoramic views of snow-capped peaks. With every stride, you'll discover new wonders: icy streams glistening in the sunlight, delicate snowflakes dancing on the breeze, and perhaps even the tracks of elusive wildlife crossing your path.

Join us for an unforgettable snowshoeing adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park, guided by our experienced team. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the sport, we'll lead you on a journey through this winter wonderland, where every moment is filled with awe and wonder. Experience the magic of RMNP in the winter, where nature's beauty knows no bounds.