Big Thompson River Below Lake Estes:

The Big T is still fishing good right now in the upper canyon.  There is open water for the first 2 miles below the dam but winter has iced up most of the water once you get down the canyon.   The flow coming into the lake is 9 currently and 17 out of Lake Estes. Dry flys include Mole Fly, small Parachute Adams and Blue Wing Olives. Nymph setups include Blue Poison Tung, Ken and Barbies, Black Beauty, Juju Baetis Red and Copper Ribbed Rs2 all have been productive.

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Private Water Waterdale Ranch:

Waterdale Ranch is mostly frozen for the season.


The River on Lower Sylvandale is mostly frozen. The Ponds are frozen as well

Colorado River:

The Colorado River has some open water here and there. Blue Poison Tungs, Copper Ribbed RS2 and Mole Flies have had their moments. Streamers can get you some action in the right sections.

Big Thompson below Drake:

Flow is around 25 CFS there is ice in many sections but there are some pockets of open water here and there. Dry flys include Mole Fly, small Parachute Adams and Blue Wing Olives. Nymphs include Blue Poison Tung, small RS2, Juju Baetis Red and Soft Hackle Sow Bugs.

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Mary’s Lake and Lake Estes:

Mary’s Lake and Lake Estes are about 1/2 open from ice. The inlet to Lake Estes has some open water in the Golf Course. They are running the power plant frequently. There is good fishing near the power plant right now.

Rocky Mountain National Park:

It is late fall in Rocky Mountain National Park. The high mountain lakes have ice on them. The flows in Moraine Park and throughout the park are low and there is ice through out the area.

Fly of the Week: #20 Poison Tung