Estes Park, Colorado Fly Fishing Report

Our Estes Park, Colorado fly fishing report gives you the most up-to-date fishing information on the local area. Check in here before going to fly fish Estes Park so that you know where to go, what to use, and how to make the most of your time on the water.

Big Thompson Below the Dam:

Rains this week and cooler weather this week has runoff drop down some. The flow coming into the lake is currently 620 and 310 out of Lake Estes. The fish are adjusting by moving to the edges and eddys. Dry flies include Stimulators, Deer Hair Ants and BWO patterns. Nymph setups include Radiation Baetis, Perdigons, CDC Pheasant Tails, Egg patterns, San Juan Worms, Pats Rubber Legs, Olive Micro Mayflies, Hares Ears and Soft Hackle Sow bugs have all been productive.

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Private Water Waterdale Ranch:

Waterdale Ranch has high water that is in the 600 cfs range. There are some wide areas that have fish holding on the edges. Leech patterns, Eggs, Squirmy worms and Baetis have all been effective.

Colorado River:

The Colorado River has come down more this week. The Salmon Fly hatch is in full effect currently, get up here before their gone. Conditions are still off color and currently 1,400 cfs at Pumphouse. Salmon flies, Pats Rubber legs, Perdigons, Blow Torch, Blue Poison Tungs, Yellow Sallies and Juju Baetis are all good options as well as streamer patterns.

Big Thompson below Drake:

Below Drake the flow is around 320 CFS. On the rainy day the water has been off color below the confluence. Flies this week are Perdigons, Pats Rubber Legs, CDC Pheasant Tails, Egg patterns, San Juan Worms, Copper Ribbed Rs2 and Hares Ears all being good choices.

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Mary’s Lake and Lake Estes:

Mary's Lake is still fishing well. The flow coming into the lake is currently 620 cfs. The inlet to Lake Estes has come down some with more temperate weather. The water is mostly clear as the winter build up has settled. There are still a bunch of fish up through the golf course and they are eagerly feeding on sow bugs, worms and egg patterns. Lake Estes near the power plant has been fishing well.

 Rocky Mountain National Park:

It is finally spring in Rocky Mountain National Park. The high mountain lakes are starting to thaw. Loch Vale, Fern and Dream are open at this point. The lakes above 10,000ft are still a week or two out before they are ready to fish. The flow in Moraine Park is currently 273. Moraine Park, Fall River and Glacier Creek are all fishing well as the sun warms the water up. Blow torch, Pats Rubber legs are great options but so are San Juan Worms and Egg patterns.

Fly of the Week: #16 Hustler