Fishing Report

Big Thompson River Below Lake Estes:

Winter conditions are here and the water level is down. The flow coming into the lake is 15 currently and 18 out of Lake Estes. Dry flies include Shuckin Midges, Small terrestrials and BWO patterns. Nymph setups include Micro Mayflies, Copper Ribbed Rs2, Sparkle Wing Rs2, Mole flies, and Sow bugs have all been productive.

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Private Water Waterdale Ranch:

Waterdale Ranch is mostly frozen right now.

Colorado River:

The Colorado River is fishing slow many sections are iced over. Pats Rubber legs, Copper ribbed Rs2, Blue Poison Tungs, PMD, Yellow Sallies and Juju Baetis are all good options as well as small streamer patterns.

Big Thompson below Drake:

Below Drake the flow is around 25 CFS.  Most of the lower section is frozen currently. But there is small sections here and there that are open. Fishing is slow with small midges like Mole flies and Rs2 being good choices.

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Mary’s Lake and Lake Estes:

Mary’s Lake is still fishing well. Lake Estes has been refilled. The west end of Lake Estes has open water now that the power plant is running again and fish are starting to move up that way.

 Rocky Mountain National Park:

It is winter conditions now in Rocky Mountain National Park. The high mountain lakes are iced over. Moraine Park is mostly frozen now and the fishing is slow. Midges are your best option if you want to give it a go up in the park.

Fly of the Week: #20 No Mercy Midge

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