Rocky Mountain National Park Llama Trekking

Hike Through RMNP with a Friendly Pack Llama

Our Rocky Mountain National Park Llama Treks are the best way to travel in the backcountry. Trudging through the mountains can be difficult when carrying all of the overnight camping equipment and fly fishing gear. While adventure vacations sound great, you aren’t up for a long hike that will get you to the river or stream well past the ideal fishing time. Kirks Flyshop makes Colorado fly fishing and adventure vacations much easier! Now you can get to a secluded fishing location with the help of a llama. Our Colorado llama treks are a fun and “lighter” option for your backcountry experience. Let a llama carry in all of your equipment so you can relax and enjoy the hike.

Llama Hiking Options

From day hikes to overnight excursions, each of our Colorado llama trek options can be custom tailored to your desired experience, skill level, and amount of time you want to spend in the backcountry.

a white llama peaks out behind a pine tree

Embark on a unique experience in RMNP's backcountry by hiking with one of our well-behaved pack llamas! Enjoy a day hike with one of our experienced guides who will navigate the trails for you and provide educational information on the local area, wildlife, and plant life.


  • Lunch included
  • Kids under 60 lbs may ride llama
  • Friendly and knowledgeable hiking guide

Rate: $350-600 + $150 per Llama

a woman and llama hike through the snow

Take the weight off your back, enjoy the hiking, and the breathtaking scenery. This is our favorite way to overnight in the backcountry!


  • All food included - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.
  • All camping and fishing equipment included - tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc.
  • Backcountry reservations/permits provided
  • Llamas can carry up to 60 lbs
  • Friendly and knowledgeable hiking guide

Rate: $395/day/guest (minimum of 2 guests)

a group of llamas and hikers with packs on hike up a trail

Pack in all of your gear to your site in Rocky Mountain National Park using our pack llamas, making your backcountry experience less arduous and more enjoyable.


  • Number of llamas is determined by amount of gear
  • Llamas can carry up to 60 lbs.

Rate: $395/outfitter + $150/llama/day

Want to Reserve Your Pack Llama?

Contact us to inquire about your preferred dates and desired experience!

a brown and white llama stands in a grass meadow with mountain in the background
  1. Llamas: Nature's Sure-Footed Trekkers: With their padded feet and exceptional balance, llamas can handle tricky trails, ensuring a steady and safe journey for you.
  2. Llama Munchies: Did you know that llamas are expert foragers? As we explore the wilderness, our llamas snack on the natural vegetation along the way, leaving no trace and minimizing their impact on the environment.
  3. Curious and Social Sidekicks: Llamas are known for their inquisitive nature and strong social bonds.
  4. Naturally Eco-Friendly: Llamas are gentle on the land and have a lower ecological impact compared to traditional pack animals due to their soft-padded feet that cause minimal soil erosion.
  5. Safety First with Llama Pack Support: Llamas can carry essential gear, food, and even tents, lightening your load and allowing you to focus on the joy of hiking. Plus, they are very protective and will keep pesky wildlife away from your campsite.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

We fish rain, snow or shine. If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled trip you will lose your deposit.  Trip deposits will be refunded, minus $50, if canceled more than 48 hours before your scheduled trip. You may reschedule your trip if it is more than 48 hours before your scheduled trip.

a white llama with a green background

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