Fly Fishing in Colorado-4 Hour Fly Fishing Trip-Child's Catch-Kirk's FlyshopWhether you are an avid fly-fisherman or just learning the sport, continuing to learn about your sport will help you master it. Estes Park fly fishing can be enjoyed at any time during the year. Colorado has some of the best winter fly fishing in the United States. You will have the opportunity to see the gorgeous landscapes while participating in your chosen sport.

Here at Kirks Flyshop we love fly fishing as much as all of our customers. We have compiled a list of fun and interesting facts about the sport of fly fishing. We hope that these facts pique your interested in the sport!

  1. There are 2 main types of fly fishing; wet and dry.

  2. There are 5 main types of flies; dry, wet, nymphs, streamers, bucktails, terrestrials.

  3. Fly fishing is an ancient form of angling dating back to 200 CE.

  4. Fly fisherman typically fish for trout and salmon.

  5. You can participate in fly fishing in both salt and fresh water.

  6. A basic fly fishing line includes 5 different knots.

  7. In 1982 Mary Orvis Marbury created the first book of fly patterns.

  8. Fly fishing rods measure between 7-11 feet.

  9. In the 1940-50’s Helen Shaw introduced new and innovate fly-tying techniques that are still in use.

  10. Originally fly fishing lines were commonly made of braided horsehair.

Kirks Flyshop is an Estes Park premier flyshop! If you are looking for an outdoor adventur, give us a call to book a trip, rent some gear, or ask questions. We promise that you will remember your fly fishing trip for years!