dreamstime_2277480As we highlighted in our previous blog, there are a lot of terms to learn when you first start fly fishing. At Kirk’s Fly Shop, we love introducing people to the wonder that is fly fishing in Estes Park, and we are happy to educate you on everything you need to know, including the sometimes strange lingo. Here, we continue to highlight some important terms for you to learn:

Fly Fishing Terms

Covering: Covering describes the action of casting the fly into an area of water that looks promising.

Drift: This is how far the water carries your fly. There are four kinds of drifts: straight upstream, upstream and across, straight downstream, and downstream and across. The longer the drift, the better chance you have of catching a fish.

Eddy: An eddy is a section of water that is calmer than the surrounding water. This is often on the edge of a current or the point where two streams converge.

False Cast: False casting is when you cast the line without touching the surface of the water or the ground. It is used to change the length of the line, change the direction, or dry off the fly.

Fly Rod: A fly rod is a type of fishing rod that is specifically designed to cast a fly line. The reel attaches to the butt of the rod, and the rod handle is always above the reel. They generally have more line guides than other fishing rods, and are made of bamboo, graphite, and fiberglass.

Grip: The grip is the handle of a rod, and is generally made of cork.

In our next blog, we will continue to educate you on common fly fishing terms. Until then, Kirk’s Fly Shop in Estes Park can help you with any fly fishing questions you have! Contact us today.