Everyone makes mistakes, and even experienced anglers can have a few problems when heading out on the river. At Kirk’s Fly Shop, our instructors are well-versed in many of the common problems and will help you correct them before they become a habit.

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Here are a few of the mistakes we see:

  • Slapping the water with the fishing line will send any fish at the surface swimming back for cover. Try to stop your cast so the line can gently drift towards the surface rather than slapping the water.

  • Don’t cast your line directly at the fish. It’s better to cast upstream from the fish. This gives the fish a chance to see the bait and pursue it.

  • Always read the water. Heading out into the stream or river without identifying where fish are likely to be is a waste of time and rarely leads to catching anything. Look for pools and areas fish collect as well as their rising patterns.

  • Using the wrong fly can make catching a fish nearly impossible. It’s important to use a fly that matches the prey the trout normally catches. Knowing what insects are available and common at a specific time of year will help you make the right choice to attract your target. If you’re unsure what fly is right, contact us!

  • Since fish are easily scared off, it’s incredibly important to be stealthy in the water. When you enter the water, wade in slowly and try to minimize the noise you make. When you cast, do so in a way that allows the line to drift down to the water rather than slapping the surface. Remember, fishing is a quiet sport and your quarry is suspicious of loud noises or vibrations.

Kirk’s Fly Shop is here to help you with all your Colorado fly fishing needs. Our expert anglers can answer your questions about gear and give you the tips you need to succeed as a novice fly fisherman. Contact us today or visit our store in beautiful Estes Park!