1. Dry Fly Techniques: Dead Drifting for Trout

    Fall often brings lower water levels in the Big Thompson and changing your fishing technique to fit the season can really help transform your fishing success. Today, we’ll take a look at the dead drift technique, so you can be better prepared to hit the water in times of slow current and low water levels. What is Dead Drift? This technique is used to make nymphs and dry flies look as natural as …Read More

  2. Exercises for Anglers – Part 2

    In our last post, we discussed some simple core exercises you can do to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Today, we’ll talk about exercises you can do for your limbs to make standing and reeling in your catch that much easier. Upper Arm Exercises When reeling in your catch, you’ll use a number of upper arm muscles. Strengthening your biceps can go a long way towards helping make the catch ea…Read More

  3. Reasons to Take Your Children Fly Fishing

    Parents are always looking for activities that they can share with their children. Remember when your father use to take you down to the lake on those foggy mornings in the summer? You would spend the day baiting hooks, drinking soda, and catching fish. Those days with your father were some of the best days of your life. Your children deserve to have their own memories like that. Fly fishing in Ro…Read More

  4. Colorado Winter Fly Fishing

    Colorado can be absolutely magical in the winter. The Rocky Mountains are covered in a fine layer of pure white snow, the animals are hibernating, and the rivers move peacefully. Most Coloradans have a winter activity that they love whether that be snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, or fly fishing. Colorado fly fishing is fantastic no matter the time of year! Chase Winter Trout It is a complete my…Read More

  5. Fun Facts About Fly Fishing

    Whether you are an avid fly-fisherman or just learning the sport, continuing to learn about your sport will help you master it. Estes Park fly fishing can be enjoyed at any time during the year. Colorado has some of the best winter fly fishing in the United States. You will have the opportunity to see the gorgeous landscapes while participating in your chosen sport. Here at Kirks Flyshop we love f…Read More

  6. You Will Love to Learn Fly Fishing in the Rocky Mountain National Park

    Colorado is best known for it's beautiful mountains, epic hiking trails, and the nation's best fly fishing. If you have always wanted to learn how to fly fish, but never have pursued it, now is the time! At Kirks Flyshop we can help you to learn fly fishing in the Rocky Mountain National Park! There is truly no better place to learn a new sport and enjoy the great outdoors. You Will Be Hooked Afte…Read More