Why a Colorado Llama Hike is a Must-Do

Colorado Llama Hikes: Put It On Your Bucket List

Our Colorado llama hike is a unique activity and should be a part of any trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. While hiking Rocky Mountain National Park is a wonderful activity in and of itself, the experience can be enhanced by booking a Colorado llama hike with Kirks Flyshop & Mountain Adventures. Allowing you to go further without fatigue and get farther away from the crowds, our Colorado llama Trek is the best way to immerse yourself in nature during your visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.

white llama behind a tree looks at the camera for a photo while on a Colorado llama hike


Native to the Andes Mountains, llamas have been bred for centuries by the Incas and have been packing for over 4,000 years. Because of this, our llamas are perfect for Colorado llama hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. They started being used as pack animals here in the Rockies in the 1970s as their soft bottom feet are easier on the trails than more common pack animals like horses and mules, making them less destructive to native plants and vegetation. This is especially important in protected nature areas like national parks and it helps us abide by Leave No Trace principles on our Colorado llama hikes.

While trudging through the mountains can be difficult due to carrying overnight camping equipment and fly fishing gear, our Colorado llamas alleviate the hard part by carrying your packs so that you can travel freely and without fatigue. Llamas can carry around 60-70 lbs each so it affords you to bring some of the comforts that you may not be able to if you are backpacking and carrying all your own gear. This way, you can arrive at your campsite ready for fishing and relaxing in the high country. And if you book an overnight Colorado llama trek our Rocky Mountain National Park hiking guides will set up camp and cook all the food, so you can relax and make the most of your trip.


woman walks a llama across a snowfield in Rocky Mountain National Park


In addition to carrying your gear, llamas are unique pack animals with big personalities. They genuinely love being on the trail with their group and being extremely sure-footed allows them to go just about anywhere that a human can go on the trail. They love to keep people company by making soft baying sounds. And their best trait is that they’re easy to care for in the backcountry because they eat much less than a horse or burro and since they are related to camels, they don’t require much water.

Being social animals, they do best in groups and don’t like being separated from each other. They have a wide variety of personalities and not all llamas are the same — some are very curious and talkative, and some are quiet and reserved. And the best benefit on the trail is if you happen upon a bear or mountain lion, they will make a very loud and unpleasant sound that typically scares away predators.


two hikers walk their pack llamas through the mountains


Colorado llama hikes are a family-friendly activity and fun for all ages in the outdoors. Whether you are doing an overnight pack trip or a day hike with the family, your kids will love hiking along with llamas. And if your kid gets tired while on the hike, children under 60 lbs can ride on a llama’s back!

Llamas are gentle animals who are great companions on the trail, are easy to care for in the backcountry, and have little impact on trails and vegetation compared to traditional pack animals. With their sure-footed nature, they can get to places that other pack animals can’t, taking you to places in Rocky Mountain National Park that only a few people get to see. Book a Colorado llama hike, we promise you won’t regret it!