For many anglers, both new and experienced, it can be a challenge to shift focus from the number of fish they catch each time out on the river to simply enjoying their experience. With the fall weather on its way, we wanted to take a moment to remind those anglers that there’s more to fishing than simply catching fish – it’s about the experience.


Enjoy the Scenery

Mark and Sean at Crystal 2016If you’re a weekly fisher, it can be easy to become used to your surroundings, especially if you head to the same honey hole time and time again. Next time you head out, try to be aware of the area and enjoy the scenery a bit before stepping into the river. Look for signs of leaves changing, chipmunks burrowing, and other wildlife that you may otherwise overlook.


Focus on Technique

Rather than focusing on catching the largest trout in the Big Thompson, try focusing on your technique. Analyze how you’re casting and work to make your movements a touch more accurate. Even the pros can benefit from a day focused on improving their casts. Fly fishing is an ever-evolving sport and there’s always room to improve.


Don’t Be Discouraged

After a slow day, it can be incredibly discouraging when you can’t bring home a large catch. Rather than feeling disappointed, appreciate the fact that you got to spend the day outside rather than stuck in your office. Nothing quite compares to fresh air and the feeling of battling the current of an active river. Regardless of how many fish you caught or missed, know you’ll be out there again another day to catch that whopper.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your technique or simply want to find more anglers to fish with, Kirk’s Fly Shop is here to help. We offer guided fishing trips with experienced guides so you can get out in the backcountry and fish with an expert. Book your trip today or stop by our store in downtown Estes Park!