While most people hit the rivers and lakes around Estes Park during the day, fishing at night offers a different set of challenges for anglers looking to try something different. Techniques, gear requirements, location can all be different when you’re fishing at night. Here are a few tips to help you have your first successful night outing.

Start Somewhere You Know

Jerry Winter Fish PicAnytime you’re fishing at night, you should fish in a location that you know well. At night, it can be difficult to spot hazards in the river and being familiar with the area can make all the difference between having a successful fishing trip or leaving with a sprained ankle and a broken rod.

Fish from the Bank

Most fish don’t see well in the dark and rely on other senses to hunt, swim, and navigate the water. As a result, fish are particularly sensitive to changes in the water, and if you’re wading into your favorite fishing spot, you’ll likely spook your prey. Remember, they can sense even the slightest disturbance in the water.

Change Your Tactic

While you might see success fishing in the middle of the river during the day, you’ll want to change up your technique at night. Try casting your line close to the bank. Often times, fish stick to the bank at night in search of easy prey while also avoiding larger predatory fish that can’t stay in shallow water.

Don’t Forget a Light!

Getting to your fishing spot, setting up your gear, and casting a line are all great, but what happens when you can’t see your catch when you reel it in? We’ve all been there, and at Kirk’s Fly Shop, we’ll always remind you to pack a flashlight or a headlamp. When you’re on the river at night, the only other source of light you’ll have is the moon and unless it’s full, you’ll be in for a very dark trip!

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