lower lot (3)Although this winter has had its ups and downs, right now we are experiencing some amazing, unseasonably warm weather, and you can bet that many people are out taking advantage of that incredible weather. You could be in for at least another month or two of cold weather, so why not get out there while you can! At Kirks Flyshop we can take you on an exciting fishing adventure for a great deal. If you have never experienced Colorado fly fishing with us, you are missing out on an expedition of a lifetime.

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Enough Being Inside!

You have been sitting inside long enough this winter, get out there and enjoy this surprising period of warmth. The best part is that you can enjoy our winter rates right now, that is 25% off of our normal prices. Don’t wait, this offer only goes through March! Get out of the house and book your fishing adventure today. Book your fly fishing trip with Kirks Flyshop today!