Ryan Pic 2As anglers we are much more attuned to the subtle changes in weather and the seasons than someone who does not fish. Of course everyone is going to pay attention to the changing leaves and steam rising off of their coffee in the brisk morning air. These cool mornings and amazing afternoons are ideal for outdoor pursuits and many do not realize that the fishing is far from over up here in Estes Park. Kirks FlyShop is pleased to invite you to visit us this autumn for the chance to land some monster trout that made it through the high pressure of summer. This time of year is gorgeous, but can be challenging if you are planning on hitting the river by yourself, but then again they can also be the most productive.

Do Trout Hibernate?

Autumn trout fishing is one of the most challenging of the year, unless you count the torrential raging of the spring runoff. As fast as the waters are flowing in the spring, the fall is a time when rivers of the front range turn into slow, clear fishing gold. The sediment has been washed down and the trout are looking for a meal to fatten them up before winter, but trout don’t hibernate do they?

Gather Intel

Getting to trout in the autumn is much more of a challenge for many reasons. Depending on where you are fishing, the pressure of a summer dodging Adams and Royal Wulff’s can take a toll on the bite in the fall. A wary fish is a difficult customer when you are dangling a fly in front of them. What you need is some inside information, which is why the first stop you need to make on your way to the stream is Kirks Flyshop. We have the flies and the knowledge to put you on the fish. Our staff will direct you to what is hatching and the patterns developed specifically for the local waters, you might do so well that it will feel like cheating.

Gear Up


As a fly angler you probably already know that it is possible to spend far too much money on fly fishing gear. And if you are new to fly fishing, we would like to warn you about the potential hazards associated with fly fishing gear. It becomes an addiction. That being said, the finest gear for fall fishing can be had for extremely reasonable prices and we know what works on our home waters. We will set you up with the ideal sized rod for the water and conditions you will be fishing. Many times anglers just assume that their summer gear will work for autumn but the fishing can be different and it is important to adapt. In the fall a set of waders with light insulation is advisable if you want to spend all day on the water. Fall is an interesting time around here to determine what to wear. One day it could be 75 and the next 30 (true story) so when determining clothing be sure and take into account that when the sun disappears it gets cool – fast.

Hit the Water

Fly Fishing in Colorado-Rocky Mountains-Kirk's FlyshopNow that you have your gear setup, your clothing squared away and your new box of local flies it is time to hit the water. The thing to remember about autumn trout fishing in western rivers is the fact that mountain runoff streams are generally crystal clear right now and it is imperative that the angler take the necessary precautions to avoid spooking the fish on arrival. Just as hunters rely on camouflage for an advantage over the game they hunt, anglers should think about the color they are wearing in relation to their surroundings. The basic principle of camo is to break up the silhouette of the wearer and doing your best to blend into the background. This is the idea behind the blue skyline camo that has become popular lately. Much more important than blending in is practicing controlled movements. As you approach the stream, stay low and make calculated movements to avoid scaring the wary fish.

The Trip of a Lifetime

You may be a solo angler but how many times have you looked across a fence and wished you could fish on the other side of the gate? Well Kirks can make that happen for you. We operate on hundreds of acres of private, protected water that the general public does not have access to, and if you are a bass fisherman we have that too! The expert guides at Kirks are able to get you on the fish in these exclusive areas and it is not a trip you will forget anytime soon. In fact it just might spark that lifelong love of fly fishing, just don’t say we didn’t warn you.