Health Benefits of Colorado Fly Fishing

Colorado Fly Fishing

Many people understand that fishing is fun and relaxing, but not many people understand that fishing is also actually very good for your health! At Kirks Flyshop we offer some of the most amazing Colorado fly fishing trips and we can offer you a chance to have a once in a lifetime experience. Fishing is more than just a fun way to spend an afternoon, it is a great tool to help you to become a happier, healthier individual. Here are the top five ways that fishing is good for your health:

  1. It keeps you moving- With obesity rates rising at an alarming rate in our country, any activity that gets you outside and moving is a great way to spend your time.
  2. It helps you to relax- Getting away from the daily stresses of life, even for just a few hours, can help you to recharge your batteries and relax. Even doctors have started to take notice of fishing’s relaxing effects, many clinicians are suggesting time out on the lake for people who suffer from PTSD and anxiety disorders.
  3. It lowers your blood pressure- Studies have shown that people who spend time in wooded areas tend to have lower blood pressure than people who spend all of their time in busy cities.
  4. It promotes dexterity- Everything about fishing, from attaching your hooks to casting your line, can help to keep your hands, wrists, and forearms nimble.
  5. It gets your outside!- Being outdoors gives you an opportunity to get out in the sunshine and breathe fresh air. Your body will thank you for the additional oxygen and vitamin D!

No one would pretend that fishing could replace regular trips to the gym or eating healthy, but its mental and physical benefits are a great start to becoming a healthier, happier you. Experience for yourself all of the amazing benefits of Colorado fly fishing by contacting us today to book your trip.