4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids Fishing


At our Colorado fly shop, we see a number of older fishermen coming in to stock up on new lures or to replace their lines or waders. When asked when they started fishing, many of them tell us they started as a child, and have pursued this hobby most of their lives. While fishing may not have the same attraction as the newest cell phone or game system, kids can often benefit from learning to fish at a young age. Here are 4 reasons why your should take your kids fishing:

Be in the Great Outdoors

Getting them outdoors and away from technology. At Kirk’s, we believe everyone benefits from a healthy dose of fresh air. Getting your kids outside and exposing them to a new hobby allows them to step away from the computer screen and learn to appreciate nature.

Improves Coordination and Balance

Fishing requires hand-eye coordination when casting the rod and requires balance when working in a boat or standing in a river. Starting at a young age will help build stabilizing muscles and improve their balance throughout their lives.

Teaches Patience

Any experienced angler knows it can take hours to catch a fish, and some days, you may not catch one at all. Learning to be patient and sit quietly is quite the wonderful lesson for young children to learn. It removes the expectation of instant gratification.

Manners and Fishing Etiquette

Fishing has its own code of conduct, but many of the rules apply to other life situations. Generosity, courtesy, patience, and respect are all values taught on the water. When your child starts fishing, they’ll learn to respect the environment as well as the other anglers on the water.

These are just a few of the reasons Kirks Flyshop strongly encourages kids to pick up a fishing rod. Our Colorado fly fishing instruction will teach even the most inexperienced angler the basics of rigging, casting, and knot tying. Turn it into a fun day out with your kids and learn a new sport together.