Nacho Big BrookieAt Kirks Fly Shop, fly fishing is our passion and way of life. Our fly fishing trips take you to the most beautiful views Colorado has to offer in order to participate in the relaxing and rewarding pastime of fly fishing. On our fly fishing trips, you will have an expert guide to show you the ropes if you are a beginner. However, there are certain rules of etiquette to keep in mind, whether you are one of our trips or venturing out on your own. These rules are not official, but they seem to work well for us, and are appreciated by our fellow fly fishers.

Kirks Rules For Fishing

  • First and foremost, share the river. If someone else is already fishing when you get to your location, be sure to give them plenty of space, or wait until they are done.

  • When you do choose to fish at the same time as them, pay attention to the direction of their fishing, and do not block them. If you aren’t sure whether it will be a problem or not, just ask.

  • Leash any pets you bring with you.

  • We all get excited when we catch a fish, but keep your voice down for the tranquility of your fellow fly fishermen.

  • Do not leave trash or debris behind.

  • Do not spend the whole day in one run; let others have a turn.

  • Don’t splash around or paddle your boat near others.

As you can see, fly fishing etiquette is pretty much just common sense. As long as you are courteous to your fellow fishermen, your fly fishing trip will go swimmingly. To book one of our fly fishing trips, contact Kirks Fly Shop today!