Like all pieces of fly fishing equipment, waders are important! Doing your homework on a rod, reel, and lures is only part of the puzzle. You have spent hundreds of dollars on the proper rod, vest, and flies and hat, do not cheap out on a pair of waders! Think about how long you will be spending IN the stream or river. Waders are quite important to the success of a fly fishing trip in Colorado.

Waders were developed to keep anglers dry and comfortable while standing in rivers and streams. Fly fishing can get quite chilly depending on when and where you choose to fish. This is especially important for anglers that choose Colorado fly fishing in the Winter. There are three different styles of waders to choose from. The right choice will depend on how an angler plans to use them and their price range.

Chest high waders come up to chest level. They offer the angler the option of wading into deeper water, or staying in shallow water. Chest waders are the most popular style in the US but can be quite costly. Waist high waders have the look and feel of a belted pair of pants. Anglers who use these waders do not head into deeper waters. Hip waders are used for shallow water and do not cover the pelvis and waist.

When choosing the right pair of waders it is important to do the proper research. Ask professionals and avid anglers about their wader preference. Be prepared for your fly fishing adventure! Kirk’s Flyshop can help you decide which style of waders will work best for your fly fishing style.