5 Tips for Float Tube Fishing

5 Tips for Fishing From a Float Tube

In Estes Park, we fish for a lot of trout. Our rivers and lakes are stocked full of different species, and many fishermen appreciate the simple beauty of these fish. If you’re heading into the backcountry and want to try a new fly fishing method, rent one of our float tubes. Fishing from a float tube presents a different set of challenges than other methods. Here are a few tips to help you be more successful when fishing from a float tube:

  • bob-resizedUse the right gear. At Kirk’s Fly Shop, we have a wide range of custom flies designed to help you catch fish in Rocky Mountain National Park and on the Big Thompson. You’ll want to take a variety of lures to better attract different species of trout.

  • Switch to a longer fly rod. When sitting in the tube, you won’t have the same range of motion for your casts as you would when wading. Longer rods will let you cast the line where you need it to go without your movement scaring the fish. Plus you can increase your casting distance.

  • Have a spot in mind before you go. Factors like current and wind can make for a difficult journey. Always plan out the best area to put in.

  • You need flippers. If you do need to move your float tube, flippers will make it possible to move quietly through the water.

  • Stay close to shore. While our float tubes are puncture resistant, accidents happen. Being out in the middle of the lake with a deflating tube can spell disaster for your gear and makes getting your catch to shore that much more difficult.

Try out a new fly fishing method by renting a float tube from Kirk’s Fly Shop for your next weekend fishing trip. Contact us today if you have questions about our rentals or our equipment.