Private Water

Fly fishing in Colorado on private waters is strictly forbidden without proper consent. Unfortunately, some of the most gorgeous and successful locations are located on private property. Private water fishing can be one of the most relaxing experiences since it is incredibly quiet and exclusive. Thankfully Kirk’s Flyshop has the ability to bring their fishing parties to many different private water locations. This means that we offer some of the most exclusive locations for a Colorado fishing vacation!

Sylvandale Guest Ranch – (Click for more information)

Our private water access along the Big Thompson River at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch includes not only fishing the River, but also over 5 Trophy Trout Lakes, as well as 4 Bass Lakes. This all day trip takes you to Sylvan Dale Ranch where you will enjoy fishing the Big Thompson River with hungry, explosive trout, as well as the lakes, for the opportunity to catch lots of fish!

Mountain Home Ranch – (Click for more information)

Fly fish on the rugged North Fork of the Big Thompson River at Mountain Home Ranch. This 2 mile section of river just 1 mile west of Drake is thriving with brown and rainbow trout, and is a great dry fly fishery.

Private Beaver Ponds – (Click for more information)

Two Private Beaver Ponds where you can catch amazing trophy trout up to 22 inches!

Waterdale Ranch – (Click for more information)

Waterdale Ranch is situated on a beautiful, serene property just west of Loveland, below the mouth of the Big Thompson Canyon. Offering almost 1 mile of fishing on the Big Thompson River, you can expect to catch fish all day averaging 14 to 16 inches, all the way up to an occasional 30 inch fish!

Granpa’s Retreat – (Click for more information)

With the St. Vrain River flowing through the granite canyons of this peaceful property, you will reel in trout all day ranging from 14 to 16 inches, and all the way up to 20 inches. With over a half a mile to fish on private river, as well as two private ponds, you will be a happy fisher all day long!

Hawk’s Nest – (Click for more information)

Hawk’s Nest is a gorgeous 300 yards of private river on the Big Thompson with fish averaging 12-14 inches.

Big Lot – (Click for more information)

This 300 yard stretch of private river located along the Big Thompson will give you the opportunity to pull in the catch of a lifetime. Average fish size of 12-14 inches.

Lower Lot – (Click for more information)

Another 300 yards of private river where you can fish in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Average fish size of 12-14 inches, this area is great for the fishing enthusiast.

Rulans – (Click for more information)

About 200 yard of private river on the big Thompson with fish averaging 12-14 inches and a small pond with trout over 20 inches.

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