Fishing Report

Big Thompson River Below Lake Estes:  3.5

Fishing good for up to 6 miles, the recent warm weather opened up some nice holes.   Lead with a Micro May #14, or red two bit hooker #16, trailed with a pink head  Zebra Midge #20, and trailed with copper ribbed RS2 #20, or pink Span Juan Worm #18.  Dry action is minimal but effective when you see risers with #22 Trailing Shick Midge.  Streamers in olive and black will work fished down stream.

Big Thompson below drake:  1.0

Mostly iced up, some open areas at the mouth of the canyon.

Mary’s Lake and Lake Estes:  3.0

Ice blew off with the high winds, came back on with subzero weather and then back off with this nice warm spell.  Lake Estes, open water at the Power Plant inlet. Floating a pheasant tail or prince with rainbow warrior or Blue Poison tung will produce in the open water..  The inlet at the Big T is good with a Prince Nymph and a Blue Poison Tung.  Power bait is working in both lakes.


Rocky Mountain National Park:

Mostly iced over, a few open spots!!

Fly of the Week:  Pink Span Juan Worm #18


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