Fishing Report

Big Thompson River Below Lake Estes:

The Big T is fishing well just below the dam in the tail waters.  Ice has formed for most of the canyon.  Cold weather last week and this week so not much change in ice downstream.  The flow has settled in to Winter flows, into Lake Estes is 13 CFS and out of Lake Estes the flow is 13 CFS.  Dry Fly action will small (24) Parachute Adams and small BWO’s. Nymph setups use  Blue Poison Tung, Sow Bug, Copper Ribbed RS2, or Gray RS2.  Midges of choice are Ken and Barbies or red Jujubee.

Private Water Waterdale Ranch:

Waterdale Ranch is running 25 CFS and fishing is picking up after the flow has been restored.  The Home Supply Ditch is now off as the water district is starting to refill Lake Loveland.  We had trip last week and caught some really nice rainbows.


The River on Lower Sylvandale is returning with the Big T Water restored.  The Ponds are fishing good with nice sized Rainbows in the upper ponds and a lot of Bass in the lower pond.  We are now ice fishing the Ponds.

Colorado River:

The Colorado River is iced up making it difficult to Float.

Big Thompson below drake:

The road to Loveland is open for good!  The fishing is difficult with the ice formed in most of the Canyon.  Flow is 25 CFS, Use Blue poison tung or red two bit hooker. 

Mary’s Lake and Lake Estes:

Mary's Lake and Lake Estes have open water with flow coming from Adams tunnel.  You can catch some nice fish if you fish the Power Plant outlet area.  Fishing is OK in the open water.

Rocky Mountain National Park:

High Mountain lakes are all frozen.  Very little open water on Big T in Moraine.  Glacier Creek always has a few sections open from Springs.

Fly of the Week: #24 Mole Fly           

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