Fishing Report

Big Thompson River Below Lake Estes:

The fishing continues to be good. Updated 11/25/2015. The Flow is running 45 CFS going into Lake Estes, 21 CFS below Estes and 35 CFS at the mouth of the Canyon, and 5 CFS at Waterdale.  There have been very good nymph fishing in the mornings on Micro Mayflies, Blue Poison Tungs, and  RS2 Dun.  Afternoons you will do well with small midges like Mole Fly.  The inlet to Lake Estes fishing is fishing good for rainbows and an occasional nice Brown Trout, use sow bugs and pheasant tails.

Private Water Waterdale Ranch:

Waterdale Ranch fishing has slowed with diversion of most of the water.  Gray Ray's and Red Two Bit Hooker work well.

Colorado River:

Flow is running 480 CFS and fishing very good.  Pat's Rubber Legs followed by a Rainbow Warrior and Black Death have produced very well.  Streamers have been effective on the bigger Browns.  Still some action on the surface with a Hopper or BWO in the back eddies.

Big Thompson below drake:

The fish have spread out all the way down the canyon with some good fishing below Drake. Flow at Cedar Cove 35 CFS.

Mary’s Lake and Lake Estes:

Lake Estes has a lot of open water to fish.  You can catch some rainbows on night crawlers off the bottom, but the lake level is way down while they work on the dam.  Powerbait also taking  fish at the Power Plant inlet.  Mary’s Lake is also very low and mostly iced over. 

Rocky Mountain National Park:

Moraine Park has a lot of ice with some open runs.  Use a Parachute Adams or run a Copper beaded MicroMay or small pheasant tail.   Glacier Creek is also icing up with some open water in the lower sedctions.  Parachute Adams or small beaded Red Two Bit Hooker.   The high Mountain Lakes are pretty much frozen over for the season. 

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