Fishing Report

Big Thompson River Below Lake Estes:  

The great warm weather has opened up all the canyon, fishing is excellent.  The Idyl’s Prince of Darkness, Tungsten Micro Mayfly, and Soft Hackle Pheasant tail have been excellent lead flies.  Blue Poison Tung, Rainbow Warrior, and Red Two Bit Hooker are good middle flies on a 3 fly setup.  Trail with a Copper Ribbed RS2, RS2 Dun or Sow Bug.  The inlet to Lake Estes has been good with Micro Mayfly followed by, a zebra midge or an orange egg fly.  Dry action has been good on #22 CDC Cluster Midge or Trailing Shuck Midge or Mole Fly.  Further down the canyon use Mole fly #24 and Brooks Sprout for good dry action.

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Big Thompson below drake:  1.0

Open water all the way down the Canyon.  Fishing quality is spotty.  Some fish have returned at the mouth of Canyon.

Mary’s Lake and Lake Estes:  

Lake Estes was on fire this week with night crawlers off the bottom.  Powerbait also taking a lot of fish at the Power Plant inlet.  Mary’s Lake is fishing well with a Parachute Adams for small rainbows.


Rocky Mountain National Park:

Moraine Park open and starting to fish on pink san juan worm trailed with copper beaded MIghty Mite.  A little dry fly action on small parachute adams.  Glacier Creek is open on the lower sections with some dry fly action on a small Parachute Adams.

Fly of the Week:  Idyl’s Prince of Darkness #14


Catch of the Week


                                                                                      Ryan’s Client Nice Bow

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