1. Casting Your Fly Line

    If you have never been fly fishing before, you may be under the assumption that it is similar to, if not exactly the same as, gear fishing. However, fly fishing requires techniques that traditional fishing does not. One such technique is the way you cast. It's All In Your Line First of all, in fly fishing, you are casting the line, not a lure. In traditional fishing, the weight of the lure guides …Read More

  2. The Benefits of Our Corporate Trips

    At Kirk’s Fly Shop, we think that our guided fishing trips are the perfect activity for any occasion. But fly fishing is actually not just a fun and relaxing way to spend time by yourself or with your family; fly fishing can be a great option for a corporate event. Our guided fishing trips give you the opportunity to boost morale and bond with your employees and coworkers. With breathtaking view…Read More

  3. What To Avoid During Fly Fishing Trips

    Men and women take up fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park as a way to get away from their busy lives. Heading out into nature and spending time on a beautiful river can be relaxing and incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, many anglers make errors during their trips that can cost them fish and make their trips less rewarding. No angler wants to head home without a single fish! To ensure tha…Read More

  4. Springtime Hot Spots

    Hopefully Colorado has seen the last of the April snowstorms! Anglers have been patiently awaiting the Springtime fly fishing conditions. Fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park is something that all anglers have been looking forward to after a long and cold winter. Many anglers spend weeks gathering fishing reports to find the best location for their next fly fishing adventure. Spring Trout S…Read More

  5. Renew Your Fishing License!

    Alright anglers! It is that time of year again! Time to renew your fishing license in the state of Colorado. Hopefully all of the avid anglers out there have already completed their renewal as of April 1st, 2015. Those of you that have not gotten around to renewal, Estes Park fly fishing is definitely out the window. No location within the state will allow you to legally fly fish without a valid l…Read More

  6. Add Fly Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park To Your Bucket List

    Fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most gorgeous locations in which you can catch fresh fish. Not only do the mountains create a picturesque backdrop to your adventure, but fly fishing can be incredibly relaxing. There is nothing around but the rush of water, the chatter of animals, and the extreme calming effect of nature. Everyone should add fly fishing in Rocky Mountain N…Read More

  7. Add Fly Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park To Your Bucket List

    Many people have created a bucket list of activities that they have always wanted participate in, or locations they would like to visit. Now, you can visit one of the most beautiful locations in the world while experiencing world-class fly fishing! Fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park should be added to every single bucket list in the United States. Contact Kirk’s Fly Shop for a full Colo…Read More

  8. Reasons to Take Your Children Fly Fishing

    Parents are always looking for activities that they can share with their children. Remember when your father use to take you down to the lake on those foggy mornings in the summer? You would spend the day baiting hooks, drinking soda, and catching fish. Those days with your father were some of the best days of your life. Your children deserve to have their own memories like that. Fly fishing in Ro…Read More

  9. Cost of Fly Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park

    We have been asked many times how much money it takes to get into fly fishing. Let’s just start by saying that it can be very expensive. For those who have never participated in fly fishing of any sort, buying gear is a ludacris decision. What happens if you do not enjoy the sport? First figure out if fly fishing is an activity that you will enjoy before you buy equipment. Rent Quality Gear From…Read More

  10. Winter Tips for Fly Fishing In Rocky Mountain National Park

    Thankfully for all the avid anglers out there, fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park can be enjoyed all year-around. Fly fishing in the winter is one of the most beautiful activities that you can enjoy. Colorado has some of the most beautiful mountains in the United States, and in the winter months these mountains can look like the set of a movie. Nothing is more relaxing for an angler. Wort…Read More