1. What To Bring On Your Float Trip

    A Kirk’s Fly Shop float trip is one of the most fun things you can do during your trip to Estes Park. Not only will you be able to take in some of the most breathtaking views Colorado has to offer, you will also have the opportunity to fly fish in one of the best areas to do so. Each trip is fully customizable to your desires: whether you want to do a full day, overnight trip, a trip by yourself…Read More

  2. Did You Bring Enough Fly Fishing Gear?

    Heading out for the day on the river comes with quite a bit of gear. It is important to plan our each Colorado fly fishing trip in detail before heading out. Those that plan last minute tend to forget gear that is necessary for the success and comfort of Colorado fly fishing trip. Aside from a rod and reel (these should always be the first thing you grab) there is a lot of other gear or accessorie…Read More

  3. Colorado Fly Fishing Basics: The Proper Cast

    Colorado fly fishing can be incredibly fun if the proper techniques are practiced before heading out to the river. As we talked about in the last blog, practice makes perfect. Fly fishing is a sport of timing and finesse so it is unnecessary to muscle through a cast. Just a reminder that the proper cast relies on the proper motion, the weight of the line, and proper release timing. Grass Casting T…Read More

  4. Colorado Fly Fishing Basics

    The casting basics between styles of fishing are very different. Spin casting uses the weight of the lures while fly casting uses the weight of the line. Learning the different casts can take some time and a lot of dedication. Basic understanding of how to cast a line has a lot to do with understanding how a fly rod works. No one should set out on a Colorado fly fishing adventure without practicin…Read More

  5. Fly Fishing After Dark

    For the first time, let’s chat about what it is like to fly fish at night. With terribly busy schedules and more social responsibilities that we can count, nighttime may be the only time in which we can get away. Fly fishing after dark can be a little frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing. Some people find it incredibly relaxing, but here at Kirk’s Fly Shop we think that fly fishi…Read More

  6. Fly Fishing Is Good For The Soul

    The tedium of everyday life can lead to some really dark moods. Between work and responsibilities at home, it may seem that we cannot get a minute to take a deep breath and relax. When you live in the city, relaxing may be almost impossible with the constant barrage of people, cars, and stress. Anglers that participate in Colorado fly fishing will tell anyone that a weekend on the river is amazing…Read More

  7. It’s Finally Spring! Time for Some Trout!

    There is nothing better than the Springtime in Colorado. The ice and snow are melting, the grass is turning green, and flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s been a long time since there have been more warm days than cold ones. Anglers of all ages are starting to gear up for Colorado fly fishing adventures to catch some nice, plump trout. Spring can be one of the most lucrative times to catch trou…Read More

  8. Quality Family Time

    Normal families are usually on the go more often than not. It’s difficult for parents to spend time with their children when schedules are so different. Hobbies, work, school, and after-school activities make it much harder for parents to connect with their children. There are few hobbies that translate to children which can make everything much more difficult. One of the few activities that chi…Read More

  9. Choosing the Right Waders

    Like all pieces of fly fishing equipment, waders are important! Doing your homework on a rod, reel, and lures is only part of the puzzle. You have spent hundreds of dollars on the proper rod, vest, and flies and hat, do not cheap out on a pair of waders! Think about how long you will be spending IN the stream or river. Waders are quite important to the success of a fly fishing trip in Colorado. Wa…Read More

  10. Protect Yourself Against Sunburns

    Your weekend getaway is finally here! Time to get out of the busy city, the frustrating traffic, and the constant calls on the cellphone. The last thing on your mind may be protection against the sun. A weekend adventure can be derailed if your skin becomes sunburned. Colorado fly fishing adventures need the right level of sun protection to keep you participating. Protect Yourself Sunburns occur w…Read More