Pyramid 8Thankfully for all the avid anglers out there, fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park can be enjoyed all year-around. Fly fishing in the winter is one of the most beautiful activities that you can enjoy. Colorado has some of the most beautiful mountains in the United States, and in the winter months these mountains can look like the set of a movie. Nothing is more relaxing for an angler.

Worth the Struggle

Due to the flowing nature of rivers, even the coldest days cannot cause complete freezing of the water. Fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park during the winter comes with it’s own set of obstacles. Although trout will decrease activity during the winter months, they will not stop eating! Kirk’s Flyshop loves fly fishing as much as anyone and we would love to help you enjoy this activity no matter the weather.


Trout are the most abundant species of fish that can be found in the rivers during the winter. We recommend that you look for deep, slow-flowing pools. Pools that have extremely slow-moving or stagnant waters do not carry the necessary food sources to the trout. Slow-moving pools almost always hold trout. We also recommend that you fish with deep nymphing tactics. When food is scarce during the winter, trout may bite most any nymph lure.


As mentioned above, trout activity has slowed down. Avid anglers understand that this means they will also have to slow their technique as well. The right lures and weights are also imperative for an angler to come away with a few trout at the end of the day. Kirk’s Flyshop can set you up with a winter fly fishing adventure, winter gear, or winter fishing reports. No matter what you need for a successful trip, Kirk’s Flyshop can help!