At Kirk’s Fly Shop, we have been blogging about fly fishing lingo for the last few weeks in order to get you up to speed for fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park through one of our fly fishing trips! Here are more terms that you may want to know:

Fly Fishing Terms

jeff falveyRetrieve: This is the act of bringing the fly back towards you after casting it out. When retrieving, it is crucial to keep the tip of the rod low and pointed straight.

Roll Cast: This is an important cast for every fly fisher. This cast is ideal for short or medium distances, and can also be used to pick the line up off the water.

Run: This is where water flows between two rocks, or a bank and rock. Fish are often found against the side of the rocks or bank. The water flowing can either be fast or slow.

Setting the Hook: Setting the hook is when you pull the flesh of a fish’s mouth onto the hook. This is generally more challenging on saltwater fish than warm water fish.

Strike: This is when the fish moves to eat a fly, whether they are successful or not. Strike is also a term used to describe the movement of the rod when a fly angler sets the hook.

Tail: This is the section of the fly which lies at the end of the hook. This part is usually made of feathers or hair, and is made to imitate the appearance of prey for the fish.

Next week, we will finish our fly fishing lingo overview. Kirk’s Fly Shop offers fly fishing trips in Rocky Mountain National Park. Contact us today to schedule yours!