duane_troutIf you have never been fly fishing before, you may be under the assumption that it is similar to, if not exactly the same as, gear fishing. However, fly fishing requires techniques that traditional fishing does not. One such technique is the way you cast.

It’s All In Your Line

First of all, in fly fishing, you are casting the line, not a lure. In traditional fishing, the weight of the lure guides the line. In fly fishing, you use a fly in place of the lure, and a fly is too light to guide the line. Therefore, you must depend on the tapered fly line to ensure that the fly lands on your target.

Effective Casting

The key to effective fly casting is loading your rod properly. For your forward cast, use a short, curved stroke, quickly accelerating your rod, then stopping suddenly. The force from this motion then propels your line where you want it to go. Your fly will land where the tip of your rod stops when you stop. The goal with your cast is to get the fly moving before you make this motion. The longer the distance your rod travels, the less effort is required to cast, because it builds up the necessary momentum faster.

Learn To Cast at Kirks!

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of fly fishing strategy. Of course, the best way to learn how to cast and other fly fishing techniques is through an instructor. At Kirks Fly Shop, you can attend one of our fly fishing classes in beautiful Estes Park, and we will teach you how to properly cast a fly. You can reserve your spot here, or give us a call today!