Main Ranch Valley - 2Even though there is still snow clinging to the side of Long’s Peak, the runoff has generally subsided. The persistent patches of white may never fully disappear, at least not this year. Coincidentally with the end of July and the beginning of August only a stone’s throw away, this is the best time to hit the high country. The oppressive heat is pounding down on a majority of the country, it is truly the season to head inside and bask in the sweet temperature of the air conditioning. There is something about walking out of the suffocating heat and into an air conditioned building, that feeling is what keeps Las Vegas going. It is that euphoric explosion of cool air that hits your face when you open the door, swirling around your shoulders like an icy blanket. It is that kind of feeling that is waiting for you up in Estes Park this summer.

The Air Up Here

At Kirks Flyshop we want to let you in on a little secret, the closer you get to the mountains, the cooler the air, and nothing beats the heat like a cool mountain river. Regardless of the time of year, Rocky Mountain trout streams run cool and clear, like stepping into a Las Vegas casino but with better views. Donning a pair of waders, boots and a life vest is by far the most satisfying way to cool off from the summer heat. It is a unique feeling being in the middle of a river, trying to coerce a trout to rise to the fly at the end of your line. The gentle flow tugging against your legs makes it difficult to realize that the same water was still snow only weeks ago, that is until you let the river flow through your fingers. There is a reason that the plains dwelling Native Americans, along with the wildlife, sought summer refuge in the area that we call Rocky Mountain National Park; it is the air up there.

rulan (2)Down to Business

The natives understood something thousands of years ago that still rings true today, fish do not like the heat any more than we do. When things get hot on the plains, the fish stop biting. The high mountain lakes and streams are cranking up as the bite falls off throughout much of the country. The combination of cold water, hatching bugs, and an abundance of food make for the most exciting time of year for fly fishing. An evening hatch is truly a once in a lifetime experience and one that should not be missed. If you are ready to get down to business this summer, beat the heat and get into some exceptional trout fishing in a variety of locations, Kirks Flyshop is here to guide you. Our professional guide staff is so adept at catching fish that we guarantee all of our clients will catch a fish, and those odds sound much better than Vegas. Book your evening hatch experience today!