In our final blog post chronicling the important fly fishing terms, we will go over the last of the lingo we believe you should know before going on a fly fishing trip in Estes Park with Kirk’s Fly Shop. Here are the last of the important terms you need to know:

John's Big FishFly Fishing Terms

Undercurrent: The undercurrent, as the name implies, is the flow of water beneath the surface.

Upstream: Going upstream is going against the current.

Unloading the Rod: The opposite of loading the road, this is when you unbend the rod, transferring the energy from the rod back to the line.

Waders: Waders are waterproof garments, generally designed to either cover just the legs or the legs and body. They come in different styles and fabrics. Boot foot waders have built-in boots, but stocking foot waders require separate boots.

Weight Forward Line: This is a type of fly line that carries the majority of its weight forward, making it easy to cast and versatile.

Wet Fly: A wet fly is when your fish your fly underwater, as opposed to on the surface of the water.

Zinger: A zinger is a device that you can use to hang items on your vest to keep them handy while you are not using them.

Now that you are familiar with our fly fishing terms, you are ready to hit up Rocky Mountain National Park for the best fly fishing Colorado has to offer. Contact Kirk’s Fly Shop in Estes Park to schedule your first fly fishing trip today!