Exercises for Anglers – Part 2

In our last post, we discussed some simple core exercises you can do to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Today, we’ll talk about exercises you can do for your limbs to make standing and reeling in your catch that much easier.

Upper Arm Exercises

Chris Watt ColoradoWhen reeling in your catch, you’ll use a number of upper arm muscles. Strengthening your biceps can go a long way towards helping make the catch easier. Basic bicep curls with a bottle of water can be enough to keep your muscles working. The lighter the weight, the more repetitions you’ll want to do. Focus on keeping your back straight and your abdominal muscles tight while you lift your arm. Hold the water bottle in a natural position at your side. Keep your upper arm still and curl the bottle towards your chest. Slowly release the curl and let your arm drift to your side. Repeat.

Arm Circles

While standing, keep your feet hip-width apart and stretch your arms out to your side. Keep your palms facing down. Keep your shoulders down and try to pinch your shoulder blades together. This will keep you in the right form. Then move your arms in a circle, first forward and then backward. This will keep your shoulder muscles loose and will help prevent muscle strain in your shoulder and rotator cuff.


While upper body strength is important for maintaining good form and reducing the risk of injury as you pull in your catch, your lower body experiences much of the stress in keeping you upright. In Estes Park, there are countless hiking trails with moderate inclines that can help strengthen your legs. Try to incorporate more walking into your daily routine. While it may not feel like strenuous exercise, it will help develop your muscles and keep you from straining against the current after a long day in the river.

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