If you’ve been fly fishing for any amount of time, you’re likely to be familiar with the nymphs and dry flies that work so well on our Colorado rivers. While these flies are the quintessential tools in fly fishing, it’s perfectly acceptable to branch out and try new patterns and methods of fishing. Experimenting with flies not only improves your fly fishing technique, but also deepens your knowledge of where and when to use a specific type of fly. The next time you go out for trout, try adding streamers to your flybox.

What Are Streamers?

John Stevens at Sylvan DaleStreamers are weighted wet flies specifically designed to mimic small baitfish. Unlike dry flies that rest on the surface of the water, streamers sink into the water column so they can mimic small fish. When using a streamer, you’ll need to add more force behind your cast; otherwise, the lure may not sink to an ideal depth.

When Should You Use Streamers?

Streamers work best when used in deep water areas targeting trout. These flies are designed to sink past crevices in the water where trout like to hunt for small fish and minnows. Using colors and movement that mimics these fish will entice a trout, even when other lures may fail.

Moving Water vs Lakes

Fishing with streamers in lakes will require a slightly different technique than in rivers. Streamers need to be actively retrieved after your cast, meaning you’ll need to slowly strip in the line. This makes the lure appear more lifelike. In still water like lakes and streams, you’ll have to retrieve the lure more quickly, as the water itself won’t help the lure appear to be swimming. In rivers, the current can pull at the lure, making it look more natural.

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