Fly fishing conjures up images of people standing in babbling brooks and meandering rivers, battling the current with their casts. Contrary to popular belief, fly fishing is not only possible in lakes, it’s downright fun! There are a few differences between lake and stream fly fishing in Estes Park, but here are a few tips to help you succeed when you head out to the lake for your Colorado fly fishing weekend.

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Tips For An Amazing Day of Fly Fishing

  • Lakes are often deeper than rivers, and fish will move to deeper water when they have no current to protect them. However, they will come close to the shore to feed since insects prefer to stay closer to vegetation.

  • In lakes, fish typically feed at night. This means that the best time to go fishing is at dusk and dawn. For excursions that take you to the lake during the day, try to fish in well-shaded areas. Fish are drawn to the shadows as it provides them with some degree of camouflage and protection as they get closer to shore.

  • When fishing during the day, consider using nymph flies. These look like prey in the water and stand a better chance of luring a fish during the day. As the sun rises, many fish will retreat to deeper and cooler water, making it impractical to rely on dry flies. For best results, cast towards the shore from a boat or a float.

  • Use dry flies at dusk when fish are naturally coming to the surface to feed.

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