Eddie with Kent Feb 16Your weekend getaway is finally here! Time to get out of the busy city, the frustrating traffic, and the constant calls on the cellphone. The last thing on your mind may be protection against the sun. A weekend adventure can be derailed if your skin becomes sunburned. Colorado fly fishing adventures need the right level of sun protection to keep you participating.

Protect Yourself

Sunburns occur when skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Believe it or not, you can become sunburned even on a day that is not sunny. Up to 80% of harmful UV radiation can pass through cloud coverage. You may even become sunburned in the middle of winter! The full extent of a sunburn may not be noticeable until 24 hours post-sun exposure. Individuals who are heading out on their Colorado fly fishing trips should pack accordingly.

Watch Yourself By the Water

Did you know that the water can reflect the majority of UV radiation? UV radiation also intensifies at higher altitudes since there is less atmosphere to absorb the harmful rays. Most Anglers dress properly; hats, sunglasses, waders, and long shirts. Those who forget sunscreen and sunglasses on their Colorado fly fishing trips are very likely to burn. Choosing the proper attire, wearing sunscreen, and wearing sunglasses will allow your to enjoy your fly fishing trip!

Trust Kirks

Colorado fly fishing adventures can be an amazing time for anyone. When you have questions about how to dress or prepare for your trip, visit Kirk’s Flyshop! We can help you prepare for any Colorado fly fishing trip with advice, attire, guides, and equipment. We look forward to helping you catch fish!