Fly Fishing in Colorado- Rocky Catch-Kirk's FlyshopIn our previous blogs, we went over common fly fishing lingo with which you may want to be familiar. Here, we continue our overview of some of the most important fly fishing terms that may help you on one of Kirks Fly Shop Colorado fly fishing trips in Estes Park:

Fly Fishing Terms

Haul: A haul refers to when you use your non-casting hand to pull on the line in order to gain more distance.

Hook: The hook is where the fly is tied. They come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials, depending on the type of fly used and the preference of the fish angler.

Loading the Rod: When casting the line, loading the rod refers to the strategy of bending the rod to gain the necessary energy for propelling the line.

Matching The Hatch: This refers to the fly angler’s attempt to match their artificial fly to the insects present at the moment. This is because the fish are more likely to feed on insects that they know are hatching during that season in their area.

Overhead Cast: The overhead cast is the cast that is most commonly associated with fly fishing, and can be used for a variety of situations.

Presentation: Presentation refers to when you cast the fly and offer it to the fish. The idea is to mimic the way a natural insect would land upon the water. There are different ways to present, and it may be influenced by the personal preference of the fly angler and the situations.

We will continue to go over fly fishing lingo next week. Curious about fly fishing? Let us introduce you to this wonderful sport! Contact Kirks Fly Shop to set up your Colorado fly fishing trip.