Fly Fishing in Colorado-Jerry's Winter Catch-Kirk's FlyshopColorado can be absolutely magical in the winter. The Rocky Mountains are covered in a fine layer of pure white snow, the animals are hibernating, and the rivers move peacefully. Most Coloradans have a winter activity that they love whether that be snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, or fly fishing. Colorado fly fishing is fantastic no matter the time of year!

Chase Winter Trout

It is a complete myth that you cannot enjoy the great outdoors during the winter. Although the activity itself does not change, there are some differences between warm weather and cold weather fly fishing. There are some amazing tailwater fisheries in the state of Colorado that give fly fisherman an opportunity to participate even in the middle of winter.

Pick The Right Flies

During the winter months the fish that you are searching for may have changed their diets. It is imperative to bring the right flies with you to the river. Midges and nymphs happen to be the winter staple for most freshwater fish. Choosing the right fishing spot is also incredibly important. Look for tailwater locations that offer warmer, protected waters. Slow moving and deeper waters make for an ideal winter fly fishing spot. One thing that does change quite drastically is the time of day that is ideal for fishing. Sunny and windless days around mid-afternoon are the best time for activity. The opposite goes for gray, snowy days-activity is consistent throughout the day.

Let Kirks Guide You

Now if you aren’t exactly an expert when it comes to Colorado fly fishing, give Kirks Flyshop a call. We are the Estes Park fly fishing experts! We offer fishing adventures for individuals of all ages and skill level. Let us guide your adventure this winter, you will be happy with the results!