dreamstime_xl_2294565Colorado fly fishing can be incredibly fun if the proper techniques are practiced before heading out to the river. As we talked about in the last blog, practice makes perfect. Fly fishing is a sport of timing and finesse so it is unnecessary to muscle through a cast. Just a reminder that the proper cast relies on the proper motion, the weight of the line, and proper release timing.

Grass Casting

To begin, find a wide open space with no obstructions overhead. Steer clear of trees, you don’t want to have to fish your fly out of the branches. Practice should begin with short targets. The more accurate you become, the further back a target can be set. A wide, stable base is necessary, so make sure that you stand with your feet apart. The rod should be placed in your dominant hand. Next, it is important that you pull between 15-20 feet of line off of the fly reel and draw it tight to the lawn. Take out any curvature of the line (S-Shapes, etc.) because it will cause a bad cast.

Let’er Rip!

Now comes the fun part! Like we have already said, it does not matter which method you use (side arm, overhead, etc.) to cast the line, just practice with what makes you comfortable. Begin by stroking the rod back and forth. A straight line and a firm wrist are necessary to give the line the proper loop. We suggest that you stop your wrist motion after each stroke because the fly line will form a better loop with this method. Once you have begun to make solid loops out of the fly line, it is time to practice the release. Try hitting the target that you brought with you. Don’t worry, many people have trouble with casting. In our next segment we will discuss how to correct common casting mistakes!

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